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New Novels to Celebrate International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!
To mark this day, I’d like to highlight five recently-published or soon-to-be published novels from (the group of debut authors I belong to) that celebrate women’s achievements and include characters who fight for women’s rights.
I’ve listed the novels below in order of publication date with buy/pre-order links and a short  description:
Impossible Saints (Jan 2) is a historical novel by Clarissa Harwood 🙂 . Set in 1907 England, it depicts a militant suffragette torn between her political ambitions and her love for a young clergyman.
The Night Child (Jan 30) is a contemporary psychological/literary novel by Anna Quinn. The protagonist, Nora, sparks an intense discussion with her high-school English class about the loaded word “feminism.” Shakespeare’s sexism, Queen Elizabeth’s struggle to be accepted for her brilliance, and Clinton’s appointment of Janet Reno are explored in a heated, important conversation.
Wrapped in the Stars (Feb 19) is a historical novel by Elena Mikalsen. During WWI, Dr. Rebecca Miller fights for rights of women to receive access to healthcare and birth control and, together with her friends, establishes a women’s health clinic and legal aid service to help women improve their health services and gain independence from abusive and controlling husbands.
From Unseen Fire (April 17) is a fantasy/alternate-history novel by Cass Morris. Latona, the heroine is fighting to claim her space and power in a suffocating society; move her forward two thousand years, and she’d be all about #MeToo and #TimesUp.
Dawn Among the Stars (May 21) is a fantasy novel by Samantha Heuwagen. The novel depicts a world where diversity flourishes as powerful women battle mental illness and aliens.
Here is another list of five great books by and about women:

International Women’s Day 2018: Five books by women, about women

Which books by and about women would you recommend to celebrate this day? I’d love to see some new-to-me titles in the comments!


  1. Diann Miller

    Fabulous list, I have to say this month has me pumped to read stories of female empowerment and epic women! Think I will need to add Impossible Saints to my TBR list! I just finished a story with both that I have to recommend! It was an awesome pick for our book club this month, The Secret Life of Mrs. London by Rebecca Rosenberg. Political drama, an unlikely feminist of her time and a complicated love triangle kept me turning the pages of this book. A must read especially this month! I found it here,

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